Ya there’s this concept that most people totally misjudged it, when you have something in mind it’s better to speak out and solve it as problems never end until you understand why you have to fight!

When talking can give a solution the persons who are involved should be the ones who really need to talk! Not one person and others this is so pathetic as you could be easily be mislead. If at all the other person is to take your comment positive if he hears the same from some other person the case is not as such, ask me why?

It is really easy to manage when your comment either be it negative or positive, but if you back talk and keep gossip about the fact there is no point. When you can tell a person his deeds right at his face it’s a much better act as it benefits both of you.

Well how hard it is through it on to their face it’s a lot better!

It’s alright!

All way long we have been taught how to be perfect? But do you think you can or is it must!

Well, we have several unseen history to go through. The father of India Mahatma famous for his Non-violence was once a common man stealing money, enjoying some drugs and his mother’s words made him realize all that was no good rest is history. Similarly there is something that you cannot make sure that you are right!

It’s alright to make such mistakes, what goes wrong is that being concious of your actions! Let it happen every now and then, remember no one is perfect.

You cannot!

You cannot ignore birth

You cannot ignore lessons

You cannot ignore mistakes

You cannot ignore hurdles

You cannot ignore pleasure

You cannot ignore food

You cannot ignore air 

You cannot ignore water

You cannot ignore affection

You cannot ignore death!

Handy! (Phone!)

At some point of time a single picture does make you wonder than normal ones! In this picture the child demands his father for an smartphone to download and hear songs, this totally turned the father down. The child is desperate for a mobile and why is that?!

When back from work parents tend to relax them with some leasure time on their phones , this behavior causes the child to crave for phones. As they wish only for what they can see! There is a point that when we were children, we wanted to watch TV as that was the most interesting one back then. Nowadays just to have some peace of mind we give phone to children to work and playgames. So naturally a child’s ultimate wish would be to have a phone that can be used only by them. Where comes in an factor of privacy, the effect of these will be seen in the near future.The point of the father might be correct but they should teach children to without that!

To many it’s their third eye, sixth finger, second mind and first friend. This is not just for teens but all age groups and I ain’t no exception. As long as that doesn’t hurt you it would a great device! once it starts hitting you getting up is one heck of a job.


A lonely passenger will say he would like to live up with people and the one surrounded by people would want to get alone. Such is your journey the desires to reach the destinations are different all have been moving on the same track. Never before stopping by you would have thought of your journey.

confused and confessed driving in awe of what is to come!

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