The world is a place of misfortune and miscellaneous happiness.

certainity is uncertain!

Whether you devote it to the world or not it always has a factor to test your patience. Many would have attained everything they wanted at that moment, this is possible to an extent but not always could this happen. There would be people  who daunt and haunt for things for years to come and still they would like to have that however small it may be, to many it might seem funny. yet, there are some stuff so small enough like enjoying a night out or have lone walk out in the dark and get lost with yourself.

If you have waited for these sort of small things and they come true the pleasure is immense. Imagine for such a small thing it gives so much happiness and what would it be if you could help nature over come its struggle and get acknowladged for your work. The time and effort may be long but it is worth the wait!

The longer you crave the greater your results!

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The day you are born you are destined to pursue a career of your parents wish, atleast in my part of the country. The wish of the child is the least determinant factor, because you are known to be immature to understand the world. This sometimes turns out to be a pathetic situation running to ruin lives.

There are a few cases in which our decission too might hit the hard track, but there is a big difference between both. The unconditional love and passion  might help you stand up and never loose hope.

similar is in the case of an dough, assume your work makes flour and is that enough for a dough you need some binders may be water and some oil. The intrest and passion you show towards your work is that binder.once you have bound in there is no one stopping you from making the finest food. This helps you strecch your limits and helps remould yourself how hard the strike may be.

Never loose the intrest in your work how ever the job may be that intrest will never let you go down!


Tie breaker!

Image result for tie breakerHey guys, I hope you are doing great. Well we all have dreams and desires, all most many of you have your role model and inspiration don’t you?!

Then most of you would know how they grew to the point they are at present. So what makes them stand out? Any guesses there are quite a few things which they mostly had to be renowned.

As many know Mark Zuckerberg , CEO Facebook and Tim cook, CEO Apple inc have the same dress code wherever​ you find them so what’s the point ?! They don’t tend to spend their time and energy just to look pretty.

Have you guessed it ?! The thing is satisfaction of your work to you this might be great, ya it is but yet not perfect. Just remember your never a master, you have something to improvise never stay behind with sufficed skill and knowladge. Continue reading “Tie breaker!”