Independence day 2017

A very Happy Independence day in advance (15.August) to my fellow Indian’s! A nightmare from then to a reality of the day.

What have we gained in the streak of 70 years of Independence, we have been a democratic country since then with to power to question and select our rulers. Yet many question of why we had to vote stating they have Independence of action and thought but when you had to buy a car or so you want others thoughts where goes Independence of thought then?

Has Independence been the same in every aspect? It has been given to you in every aspect, yet we don’t want that in many aspect say you are independent to choose your career but you need other choice and stay dependant.

People of North-korea have been said to have even patterns of hair cuts and they have many such unknown things to be learnt which can not be learnt easily. 

All we have is everything it’s only on how you find it!


There is this belief which one needs to posses both on him and others, but there is no room for such things you know why? Anything which absorbs yourself without your knowledge and suppress your control on your life.

If you have guessed it, it’s your smart gadgets. Why is that we see wanna Google any answer before we try to think if we know the answer, because we believe in Google than on us. They help you assacinate you and your surroundings, once there where people who spoke to people but now they speak to gadgets believing they are safe. The greatest mistake you can do is only that, once your moving more with them you are opening to millions. Never imagine you’re not been seen there are thousands of eyes spying on you.

A good person shapes your life!

A good gadgets shades your life!

When there is belief in people there be belief in you, 

When there is belief in you then you will succeed,

When there is success then you will be Happy!


Yes, why should it be a no! There is some instinct in our mind nodding to people thoughts who we consider Superior to us. Do you think this is right not always you see, there are circumstances where a NO is a better answer. 

Acceptance is desired thought there is something’s we shouldn’t accept.

There just a NO could save you, when you tandem partner says you to use drugs it’s not that you should just because he’s your tandem partner. Wherever you go never fall ashort of having a NO.