​Frustrated Engineer

I’m punching down these words as being faced by the most difficult situation of my life , placements! But why should I get frustrated you may thing , there are colleges that offer 100% placement offers ( In IT companies) . But i’m from a mechanical domain, should I Panick or not 🤥. Thinking of how students connect with multinational corporations and conglomerates, we are at level zero because we were busy copying assignments and buying projects because we couldn’t think and innovate out of this education system 😔. Where is the fundamental problem you ask, it’s the same society we live in , funny that we eat , dress up , and communicate like we were born and brought up in western country and still ask how much your son/ daughter score , did he/ she get a job in college placement. This is where the problem occurs, just because somebody asks about our life strategy, why should I say you? When is that day gonna come here in the country, I don’t think in near future perhaps , because we live in a country we’re eating beef is a crime 😂. Is India becoming even more stupid day by day ?? I say innovative ideas is not dead , they are being killed by the same country we live in . It’s very rare to find a person like Our honourable former president of India Dr.APJ who has spent his whole lifetime without going into other countries and helping India to grow. But now 10 in 10 master mind people of Indian scientists and influenced persons are found in western countries. As a simple example, The CEO of google when he was appointed as CEO we Indians only felt proud that he’s an Indian and didn’t think why a great engineering mind is working there in America and why not in India 😂 This is a thing we have to be ashamed of not proud that some Indian in working in other country and paying their taxes !!!! . I love engineering and because I’ve seen all this even the slightest hope to help my country is getting erased day by day because of this society and Government (stupidity at its best)

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How long it has been or how far away you are there is no one who can control your memories! They just tell every thing about you, though you have not reminded just a word from that scenario would wake you up. Every moment you live now will remind you of what to and what not to do at somepoint of time. A mistake is common for any human we are prone to it, but there is one thing that you must be reminded of at that point. Many regret their career decision later in their lives, to them they ought to remind why they stood up to move on and how confident they were about their choice. This is the case for all our life decision be reminded of how much troubles you have faced my miscalculating the decisions? Never make the same mistake all over again and keep regretting about it, that would never help you grow better.

“Always remember what to and what not to!”


There has always been a soulful place in everyone’s heart to kill that throttle and smell the burning tyres! This isn’t wrong as everyone is free to pursue their dream but then arises a question of how sensible it is! What about diving into a well with water and another with rocks?!

An open mind is most welcome but any hindrance might make you speak out, such one is speed though the road seems afar a small piece of distraction throughs us out and away.

As they say, when you need to know the value one said ask a friend who met with an accident. Every time you are fed you Know how much you can control, such is not the case with speed. Once you know your out of control you can never control that next time.

Enjoy your ride and enjoy life in a smooth pace!


via Daily Prompt: Create

The world is an mixture of the most exotic species we have never known. They are not here without a purpose without one the other is nothing. All need one another at some point of time. The create not only for them but also for others.

Among them the most prominent species are the humans which ought to be created to suffice the world with enough protecting capabilities, but all we have is take some time destroying it. we create technology and science but we call us timeless to save the creator “Thy World”.

It has given us everything we need the space, the materials, the knowladge and many more yet we are developed not to create time to enjoy it and protect it. It all leaves up to us whether we could create our time and ways to preserve the creator and our gaurdian.

Once it is going to end, you will have all the time but never that!


There’s always something that hurts us, guess what? It’s a part of life but still it is the most annoying!

Guessed it? It’s nothing other than getting notified by others just for a small mistake, it might be something you left back at home but the reason could be you had something better to convey or you had an urgent call or meeting to attend. Still they are obessed with the itch to notify us all time about that one small thing.

Whenever​ this happens you never have to worry just set away from them and make sure that smallest thing too never happens again. No one is perfect so there is nothing wrong making small mistakes unmindful!