Hello my friends and fellow bloggers it’s so long since the last blog post, this might not be pretty good break though had some great lessons as always! You never know what life has in store for you.

What do you think of seeing the title ?! Something we have all be doing for ages look into a mirror and see yourself , well does this mean we would be able to see every aspect of yourself. The things you see on that is mostly based on what you want to reveal, probably it’s an reflection! All that you see is physique not your character, any problem externally could be seen through that if at all you wanna check your character what will you do?

It’s simple as that saying ‘what you sow is what you reep’. Obviously the action you show to people around you reflect your character on them. Remember that words you give away might be thrown back at you! Really think if something bad and you don’t mind giving it away , once you get that back it will be hardest one to bare. Thinks like character are similar to mirror they are reflective and once broken any fixing makes it look bad.



An person in search of awe and wonders of life !!!All my writings are from my point and not to hurt anyone:)

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