via Daily Prompt: Timely


Hello my fellow bloggers and friends, just a day when you are thinking of what you could have done better back at times there comes a timely timed daily prompt.

It is really an serious factor for most people to time the work or actions which the are going to regret for a life to come. As they go on saying only this moment is yours. Never take moments regretting things because they not only make you feel bad but also make you loose that moment. There’s no point cursing your birth or such stuff untimely, does that make any sense?

The word you utter isn’t completely true unless you can utter it without any flaw. The time you think about the word you need to utter fails your timeliness. Just think of talking to people from the soul and not from the minds, this ought to be difficult for many. We are made to be think tanks to time every moment of our life and wanting to time it, if you can leave things the way it goes without interpreting solutions they will go correctly.

Taught to time and plan things is good in a case but people roll over it timing timelessly to ruin the moment, so walk on the way the finest will reach you!



An person in search of awe and wonders of life !!!All my writings are from my point and not to hurt anyone:)

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