Life after school!

Hello my fellow bloggers, hope everyone is doing great. Today I felt very bad when I thought of my school days because I missed it the most the place, my teachers and my people. The atmosphere was really aplouding, we had great time in between the toughest part of studies back then. When we had to move out and decide a career for life we had been shown just two paths one is to go for ENGINEERING or ARTS AND SCIENCE. 

There speculation were all filled around us stating an engineer will be able make money, just that ?! Why not do arts and science will it not help my career? Remember one thing what we love to do is the place where we could Excel never fall on others choices! 

The real scenario of Engineering today is not standing to help your career in any aspect they just might help you get a job at your efforts. They just teach what’s left over their syllabus just for a cost of salary. Many engineerins sadly aren’t able to produce they accquired  knowledge effectively. Many aren’t aware of what is Engineering is up to many choose departments they just choose them from what they hear from people. Even I wasn’t much aware at that time, I like bikes so I will do mechanical or I like computers so why not CSE or IT . My sister has completed ECE why not that she’s got a job for 30k . So I will do that and earn money.

Never go with these opinions on to your field of Engineering. Mechanical isn’t all about vechiles there’s much more into it and many papers are of problamtic format requiring adequate knowledge of math. While computer science isn’t ease it needs minds for logical thinking and providing codes while many aren’t able to write codes back at school pushing through is hard! The departs of Electrical and Electronics are those similar to high school physics which is pretty much demanding if you aren’t able to give your fullest at school physics never go by that.

Always remember that Engineering isn’t the only option . Arts and science are basics and have lots of categories to choose from when job is your priority. Tourism industry is demanding one where many gudies are required, for translation of English to native language is too seriously demanding, management studies could help you become an enterpruner. Never go on the way which people lead you , lead yourself in your path strive hard for success. Never go behind money alone as life has much more make your self slefless.



An person in search of awe and wonders of life !!!All my writings are from my point and not to hurt anyone:)

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