Hello guys it’s quite a long time since I posted so do forgive me as the post says! The world we live is not accertained to last forever , can anyone say so ?! But I’m not sure if tomorrow could be a day! This moment is just yours don’t wait for more you may be left with bare hands.

The life’s of our ancestors have thaught us several things which we don’t look back. The fear of loosing superiority has never let us move on. Even the king of the jungle is humble at its place. 

So you might think what all this has to do with the topic. Can anyone say you have never been forgiven by someone?! At some point of time you would have definitely faced such a situation. The art of forgiveness takes people closer and it could even be the worst dagger on them! 

When we have enter class not completing our work we usually say we have misplaced the work, don’t we ?! Just think how many such times you have put your self into. This could be silly but all these time they forgive us. But we don’t care about others points and have a clean straight point at which we move, those who deviate are left behind.If some teacher had done the same to us we grow wild.

Take time before your utter a word not to be safe but not to hurt once it goes wrong regretting for it useless and never souly depend on others to forgive. Once a mistake is forgiven take care it doesn’t happen again!



An person in search of awe and wonders of life !!!All my writings are from my point and not to hurt anyone:)

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