A week off the Internet!

Hey guys it’s been a week off my routine . The so called off the Internet( world wide web) ,this web currently has most of the spiders of the world clinging on to it. It has created an utopian world within our world . 

It has been made to look like the skin of your body removing it from people is really a hard time. The world we are created to live in is so far and wide left unexplored and unexplained of its  potentials,wherein we create our inner world of the Internet at place you would love to be and never leave it . 

I am one who just slips on to my phone and check if I have received any messages even if I know that I  wouldn’t have any! It was like a new start up for a week now , it sure has its pros and cons let’s just manage that by time . The first thing the Internet gave me is to reach people easily through that by means of texts , that could seriously be the most embarrassing thing when you get off the Internet. You would have to call up to person and talk or meet in person ! But you know what thats really nice when can really hear from them or have an good conversation in real time . You are give the senses of hearing,speaking,feeling,smelling,seeing and through the internet you mostly use your vision alone if that could give you what you needed .Think how you could be when you can feel , see , hear, speak all at a time .

The world is really growing it is not the you have to stay away from all this use it when you need it you might claim to learn more out of it but all learning and no work if of no use I suppose. Break you web feel free to explore the world let it be dangerous or pleasure handle it .

Live a life with atmost nature the true mysteries reveal behind!



An person in search of awe and wonders of life !!!All my writings are from my point and not to hurt anyone:)

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