Thé Gamè Changêr!

It’s been long since i wanted to write about this,now it is fulfilled. The thoughts of many people might be irradicaly different in some cases but most of the people I have been through think this 5 letter word as their trump card.

Wondering of what it is ? Pretty good if you are synchronized on what I’m going to say! There was once a time wherein things were exchanged by people based on their needs and then there came a point were it was no feasible for such things to happen! so there came this sneaking into the work as an leech…!As it is what people call as”Money”!

Well!you know this is now turning to hit the first position in most of the people’s essential list. Whatever people call their aim,ambition,goal… whatsoever it ends at this thing! So what’s the big deal about it you might ask me , it is the biggest deal that frightens the existence of humanity! There is a prevailing thought of being valued by Money and the worst way to value people. “It is necessary for your life but it’s is not just what life is all about”. A person who has plenty of money is trusted and obliged to be good souls which makes people hatred . It is an barrier for people who would have been if in different an position or their careers would have been different just because of Money.

Many of them around are lurking behind these leeches once you have enough of them then you will be no more.The Money you possessed will never give your life the meaning you ever wanted to give !



An person in search of awe and wonders of life !!!All my writings are from my point and not to hurt anyone:)

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