whywell! what do you think on seeing this,I asked the same to people they were like what,are you mad,even are you’drunk’.This was the kind of replies  and some didn’t even try to interpret what it could be.It was a  bit frustrating when people were not ready  to reason what they hear,even not support people who are ready to do stuff.Have you ever tried to reason “why you live (or) why you have to learn”.Many of you are ready to hate life rather than finding the soul purpose of life.There people who are still unaware of their  truest potential and running behind rails of life.They merely do stuff just because they see or hear people saying they could have a better life and happiness by doing it.If do want to feel real happiness it requires a series of trails of experimenting stuff you may not find them in a single try but you will surely find it one day!Do you know why you have to fill your brush with toothpaste while a tiny pea size of it is more than enough?!The face cream add’s on television is an never ending one,does being fair matter a lot than ‘LIFE’???There is also an pathetic scenario on posting stuff on social media and acting radically different in real time,there could be a few exceptions but not all things go fair enough!In today’s world the path of finding some to love and to get love is more disastrous  leading people to murders and suicides but ‘WHY’?!why is there so much of fights for a corpse!yes it is just the corpse for which your fighting for all these days,it is just some piece of junk!It is the immortal soul you posses which does not require any such things it has neither form nor differences ,it is the same for ever single human on earth.So “WHY” is all this “grief,lust,ego….”its not going to last long!!!So do think why you want stuff and this to happen in your life,make love for yourself and others who it!Lay out whatever comes on your way and take time to think “WHY”.’You do not FAIL when you TRY,You do FAIL when you do not TRY’.                                                                         “LIVE  LET LIVE”



An person in search of awe and wonders of life !!!All my writings are from my point and not to hurt anyone:)

15 thoughts on “why!?

  1. Dude awesome 🙂 seriously! Btw I am one among them who asked you ” Are you drunk” 🙂 hehe cheers mate I din know this Had a Bigger meaning 🙂 keep going mate! 🙂

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  2. a post with a lot of thoughts going on the writers mind right i think the topic is good the thoughts were little bit mixed but not bad the question why is interesting and sometimes sad as well for me the question why would be used for why we have to follow what the society think we should ? why should you ask how are you when i am feeling miserable and i can not say i am feeling terrible so i fake a smile and say fine okay and why you have to ask so many questions yeah that bothers me as well some relatives do no many do lol ok keep writing i am not discouraging keep writing please do not take my comment as hate i do not why people sometimes feel that way or take it wrong just my thoughts and opinions


    1. I really don’t know why I receive a comment at the same time I was thinking about why we should do things for sake of society!!! really set my status on social media jus before I read this comment😂😂😂

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