Random Thoughts!


You never know!

You never know

When you will

  •  Succeed
  •  Fail
  • Be happy
  • Be sad
  • Get broken
  • Loose hope
  • Be no more

So you never know, then why is there the quest upon Life? What are you in search of?!

Never expect things they happen as they should Nothing could be changed!


It’s better of when people hear to your words or at least give a nod, when they don’t even have something towards us and we are intended in conveying the thoughts.

Nothing could be ever worse than them on their phones gazing at some random stuff, being a speaker makes it annoying but what can one do!

This is seriously understandable whenever one has faced such a situation.

 It’s not defeat if the are reluctant it is you who need to be better

What is less?!

Well most of the time we claim to have nothing insipite of having

 2 hands 

2 legs 

2 eyes 

1 mouth

What more is that could make you complete?

But what do we do with all this is just Eat


Act like working

Is that all we can! If you think so there is no point in claiming to have a part called “BRAIN”!


A day is never complete on a happy note without a single glitch which on your minds ruins your day. Well you all would have had days of Fortune and fragile in which fragile turned Fortune into missfortune notably.

What more is getting annoyed fo something you haven’t done but the one who annoys has done it, well not always it is easy to move on!

Driping every second storming once then !

Pissed off!

When all in heaven is seen hell and hell is doomed! Why have more pain in the word of others, willing to move on us far from away.


What is that you could better be doing on a Sunday afternoon! Well have good nap is the best thing you could ever imagine. Probably won’t make it often!

Is that all you ever need ask people to them it is just that, I wish to have. Anything tossing high to hope for hopless days. 

What is left whenever you leave is nothing! Yes nothing is left behind and nothing happened wrong it’s a wrong path maybe, Maybe not!

What is the biggest question you can answer anytime !

Am I hungry?

That’s what we can answer correctly. So be happy with a fully tummy sleep. Happy Sunday ⛅

Independence day 2017

A very Happy Independence day in advance (15.August) to my fellow Indian’s! A nightmare from then to a reality of the day.

What have we gained in the streak of 70 years of Independence, we have been a democratic country since then with to power to question and select our rulers. Yet many question of why we had to vote stating they have Independence of action and thought but when you had to buy a car or so you want others thoughts where goes Independence of thought then?

Has Independence been the same in every aspect? It has been given to you in every aspect, yet we don’t want that in many aspect say you are independent to choose your career but you need other choice and stay dependant.

People of North-korea have been said to have even patterns of hair cuts and they have many such unknown things to be learnt which can not be learnt easily. 

All we have is everything it’s only on how you find it!