The real reason for an country to develop is it’s ecomony of people thereby the country say people, actually this might not be the case what do you think?!

The so called poor categorised people have their meal twice or even once, to them that is all they need. The meal is never a disgrace to them, but not the same for the Rich class. 

The Rich are never sufficed with the wealth to sustain future needs and nothing for the world. When a common man can pick up trash to keep his sorrounding clean, the Rich are the ones who cause the real havoc. “To them meal is nothing but for others it is Everything”. Never crave just for you that’s why you become poor on thought and character!

Saviours of Mankind!

There is a speculation of the supreme power  GOD being the Creator of all beings, this is acceptable to an extent but not satisfactory to many. So what’s your opinion on that?!

Well according to my point of view the consideration of the supreme power has several personifications throughout the world, but miss to find them by your side. I hope you would have guessed it by now, yes it is none other than your mother!

Men have been portrayed the saviours of Mankind at several ages. They tend to promote success by blindfolds on every individual. They are never stood up and said we owe the world, as they are symbols of eternity.

As they go on stating they grit at several points, it’s their attitude to stay down to earth. I such a case when men try to overpower them they don’t​ hit by words rather by actions. Every girl born will become a mother the Creator and save humanity, without which you would be no more.

Never try to underestimate her , otherwise saving humanity ?!

Move ON!

Well there are many times we think of life stating ‘whatever happens life has to move on’. We all have been critizied one time or the other leading to frustration at times, but should it really been an point of consideration is a question?!

The things we come across really teach us so many ​things we have to learn, have you ever cursed an plant for growing high does it stop growing because it is destined to bloom! Thought move away from your parents and wander for peace,affection ,love they never stop move on the action of yours. Never think of things for others just do it for you.